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Senior Symposium in Dance

To get Senior Symposium presentations into motion, Karen George ’09 and Alexandra Berger ’09 will present three new choreographic works as part of the Senior Symposium in Dance at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 3 in Winn-Seeley Gym Theatre.

“Both students are creating choreography that reflects their perspectives on human interaction,” Michelle Ikle, assistant professor of dance said.  “One critical challenge is the creation and selection of movement options to reflect these perspectives.”

Explaining some of the questions that George and Berger had to overcome, Ikle said that for student choreographers, “There are many choices:  How these choices are then organized in time and space creates additional options. Working through modern dance and its endless possibilities for abstraction, how do these individualized perspectives become lived through the performers?”

Despite these challenges, Ikle noted that, “Both students’ works have developed into thoughtful and coherent dances. The process of creating works from an idea through to a concert venue has also really stepped up the pressure and has given both seniors a clear perspective of how to create and produce their own work.”

Immediately following the performance, George and Berger will host a talkback session, where they will discuss their choreographic process and how their thoughts and observations of human interaction are reflected in their choreography.