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Public Affairs Journal 2009 Released

Harnessing the Colleges’ dedication to public policy and activism in socio-political and environmental issues, the Public Affairs Journal (PAJ) continues to take the HWS campus by storm. Its fourth issue was released this week.  HWS community members are able to pick up copies of the journal at the following campus locations: the Library, Stern Hall, Gulick Hall, Demarest Hall, the President’s Office and the Office of Residential Education.

In this issue, HWS community members can find pivotal essays and articles written by HWS students as well as student scholars from institutions across the country. Additionally, the Spring 2009 Issue also includes an introduction by Michael Elliott, TIME International Editor and recent President’s Forum Series lecturer.

PAJ Chief Editor Ross Green ’09 explained that Elliott was a clear choice for him and his editorial staff. “We chose Mr. Elliott because his journalistic integrity and excellence embodies the goals of the Public Affairs Journal. His work as a journalist and editor make us all even more aware of how much we truly live in a global community.”

In the pages that follow Elliott’s introduction, PAJ readers will find an engaging journal. “Along with the usual diversity of pieces that readers have come to expect, we have added two important collaborations with communities that are not traditionally associated with the Journal. First, we worked closely with Assistant Professor of Biology Kristy Kenyon’s Stem Cell Senior Seminar to produce a work encompassing the latest policy and science behind stem cell research and what the future holds in this regard. This well written and informative piece is capped off by an introduction by Kenyon herself.”

Green added that, “We have worked with several members of the art community to render drawings that accompany each of the published pieces, giving the artists complete creative freedom by simply providing them with the title of the piece and a brief synopsis of what the author wrote about, and letting their imaginations do the rest.”

With these scientific and artistic components in place, PAJ will set its sights on service learning for the Fall 2009 Issue. “We are currently working with Katie Flowers to create a Service Learning aspect of the Public Affairs Journal,” Green explained. “In this sense, Service Learning pieces will likely be published along with the regular assortment of pieces in the next edition.”

Submissions for the next edition (the Fall 2009 Issue) are due by May 25 to The issue will be released under the editorial guidance of Chief Editors Rebecca Borsuk ’11 and Rebecca Perkins ’11.