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Discussing African Religions and Cuban Nationality

To explore the complex interrelationship between religion and cultural identity, the Colleges will welcome SUNY Oswego Visiting Professor Alicia Vadillo to discuss African Religions and the Construction of Cuban Nationality in her talk of the same title, “Las Religiones Africanas y la Construccion de la Nacionalidad Cubana,” on Tuesday, April 7 at 4:45 pm in the Intercultural Affairs Center.

At the talk, Associate Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies Edgar Paiewonsky-Conde will translate. Following Vadillo’s lecture, there will be a reception in the Intercultural Affairs Center.

“The first part of the the talk will focus on the ways in which the different religions brought by African slaves affected Cuban culture, and in particular the discourse on the construction of Cuban nationality,” explained Paiewonsky-Conde. “The second part will make a substantial presentation of the main religious strains brought from Africa and their interactions in Cuba: the Regla de Osha, the Regla de Palo Monte, the Abakuá Society and Oggunismo imported to Cuba by Haitian immigrants.”

The event is sponsored by Africana Studies, Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Religious studies, Intercultural Affairs, Latin American Studies and the Latin American Organization.

Before teaching at SUNY Oswego, Vadillo held a visiting professorship at LeMoyne College and an assistant professorship at Syracuse University. She has also taught at Instituto de Perfeccionamiento Educacional in Havana, Cuba as well as the University of Havana.

Vadillo earned her Licenciatura in Pedagogía de la lengua y la literatura española (with honor) from the University of Havana; 10 graduate courses in Cuban literature and art, totaling 30 credits at University of Havana (equivalent to American M. A.); and her Ph.D. in Spanish Language and Literature from Syracuse University.

Throughout her career, Vadillo has earned numerous awards and honors, including a nomination for an Exceptional Academic Achievement in 2002; two Summer Senate Research Grant (2000 and 1999); and a Tolley Summer Award. In addition, Vadillo was selected to be a member of Who’s Who of American Women and by 2000 Notable Women.

Vadillo’s recent publications include reviews of “Desde una plataforma en Manhattan. Antología Poética de Maricel Mayor Marzán  (1986-2006)” in Revista Baquiana and “Cuba desde el exilio, Daína Chaviano y la Isla de los Amores Infinitos in Baquiana Magazine.  She also recently published two essays: “La visión posmoderna de La Habana en la narrativa corta de los 90”  in Boletín Plaza and “Aproximaciones a la obra poética de Maricel Mayor Marzán,” in Arenas Blancas.