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Keeping Kids Safe, Healthy, and Smart

Associate Professor of Education Kimberly Williams knows a thing or two about interacting with children – and is once again sharing her knowledge in a new book, “Keeping Kids Safe, Healthy, and Smart,” co-written with Marcel Lebrun, associate professor of education and special education at Plymouth State University. Williams has been co-author or co-editor on a number of books about violence prevention in schools.

“Perhaps the most challenging and important role that adults play in society is that of raising children. Every parent and teacher hopes to help children develop into healthy, caring and intelligent adults,” says Williams. Her book is designed for all adults who interact with kids, including parents, teachers and other caregivers. The book “Provides specific suggestions for keeping children safe from hidden and open dangers wherever they spend time,” Williams explains.

“Keeping Kids Safe, Healthy, and Smart” is divided into three schemes of threats and dangers to children. The first, threats in school spaces, addresses dangers in classrooms, buses, playgrounds, and on sports teams. Secondly, threats in cyberspace look at bullying, harassment, child predators, and child pornography. The final theme concentrates on all other spaces where children spend time; this section deals with intrapersonal and interpersonal violence, self-mutilation, accidents, abuse, environmental threats, drugs, and mental illness.

Williams came to HWS in 2008. She received her B.S. in psychology at St. Lawrence University before earning her M.S. and Ph.D. at Syracuse University. She previously taught at Dartmouth College, Plymouth State University College of Graduate Studies, SUNY Cortland, Syracuse University, and SUNY Morrisville. Williams is now pursuing interests in education policy, the neuroscience of learning and visual tools for learning, school safety and violence prevention, school climate, and leadership development.