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Adams Featured on Handwork/Soulwork Group

Chaplain Lesley Adams and the group Handwork/Soulwork were featured in an April 13 Associated Press article. The article appeared on the AP site, and ran in the Mercury News, San Jose, Calif., and the Miami Herald, Miami, Fla. This story is a shortened version of articles that ran in Access North Georgia, Gainesville, Ga. and the Picayune Item, Picayune, Miss., in March.

Sponsored by Religious Life, Handwork/Soulwork is an opportunity for students to meet and knit, crochet, quilt, or practice other handcrafts while socializing with each other.

“Knitting allows students to channel restless energy in a productive way, whether they're alone or with others,” said Rev. Adams. “People really talk about what is going on with them. That's what we invite them to do. Somebody's struggling, asking, Is this where I belong, should this be my major, what about a relationship problem, how should I deal with my professor?”

Handwork/Soulwork meets at 4 p.m. every Thursday, in the Chaplain's Residence, 630 S. Main, and is open to anyone.