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Softball a Home Run at HWS

Nothing says springtime at HWS more than Intramural Softball. It has become a Hobart and William Smith pastime, a great way for students to take a break from studying, enjoy the warm weather and play together. The Odells field begins to fill with students on weeknights or Sunday afternoons as teams suit up to play. People who pass by even stop to watch or happen to find a friend and join in the game.

More than 70 percent of students participate in a variety of intramural sports throughout the year. This year more than 400 students are involved in spring softball, in the two established leagues. This year, there are 16 open teams (where anyone can play) and 19 co-recreational teams (for the more serious players). The two different leagues provide students the opportunity to either try a new sport or compete in a game they already know how to play. Each league begins its regular season in April, with a round of playoffs in the first week of May. Athletic Coordinator Russ Hess comments “We have had about the same level of participation over the last two to three years,” and after this year’s popularity it’s sure to grow in numbers.

The love of the game comes from the unique spirit each team brings to field. Students create teams with their friends, roommates, fraternity brothers, and classmates. On the field you can find the Roosters, Alabama Hot Pockets, Friends of Ronnie, and the Busy Beavers – just some of the colorful team names students create. Some teams even band together and make matching jerseys, with nicknames and numbers displayed on back, to show off their pride. Softball has become a great way for students to come together and show off their best batting, pitching and catching skills while having fun with their friends. No experience is required, but a great deal of enthusiasm can be found.