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McCorkle ’76 in International Museum

Assistant Professor James McCorkle ’76, who teaches in the First-Year Seminar program and in the Africana Studies program, has created a project for Projective/Artura and the International Artists’ Museum (Tel Aviv). McCorkle’s poem, “To Be Here, Again” will appear superimposed on a mosaic of Polish artist Wlodzimierz Ksiazek’s 2008 painting “Venice” to form a limited-edition book. This is the second project on which the two have collaborated.

It will be part of a collateral exhibit of the 53rd Venice Biennale, the international art festival. This particular exhibit, titled “Détournement,” will be held in the ScalaMata Gallery in the Ghetto Vecchio (the Jewish Ghetto) through the end of June. McCorkle describes his poem as “a remembering or document of Venice – a palimpsest of documents from Turner and Ruskin to Calvino inserted into the poem’s own remembering – ‘to be there, again.'”

McCorkle and Ksiazek’s first collaborative project was part of the 2003 Venice Biennale collateral exhibit titled, “The Wandering Library.” Their 2003 project was similar to this year’s in that McCorkle authored a poem and Ksiazek turned it into a series of collages collected into a book. The poem, “In Winter, Writing on the State of the Child, and,” adhered to the theme of re-conceptualizations of the idea of the book.

A recipient of a B.A. from Hobart College in 1976 and a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa, McCorkle is the author of a collection of poems titled “Evidences” and a book about post-modern poetry titled “The Still Performance: Writing, Self, and Interconnection in Five Postmodern American Poets.” He also co-edited The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poets and Poetry.  He has been published in various journals including The Colorado Review, Conduit, Crazyhorse, Fiddlehead, and The Harvard Review. In 2003 he received the APR/Honickman Award for “Evidences.”  Ksiazek is represented by Kouros  Gallery in New York City and Alpha Gallery in Boston.