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Interning at Morgan Stanley,Smith Barney

This summer, Hobart student Michael Barlow ‘11 has landed an internship with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, where he holds a wide range of responsibilities. The job is located in Tempe, Ariz., and is an easy commute from his family in Phoenix. The internship appears to be a perfect learning experience for Barlow, who is an economics and political science major with a strong foundation in athletics and leadership at HWS.

Barlow says that, as a student athlete, he has gained “invaluable traits of leadership, discipline, time management, and most-importantly teamwork- all the while encouraging a competitive spirit.” On campus, Barlow recently completed the Centennial Center’s Leadership program, through which he and his colleagues coordinated a spelling bee at the Geneva Boys and Girls club, volunteered at the Community Lunch Program and spent time on campus with youth from Geneva.

Among his internship responsibilities, Barlow says he researches various funds and equities and presents his investment suggestions to the financial advisors and branch manager. He analyzes the holdings of current and prospective clients while managing his own portfolio, which he currently has with Smith Barney. Barlow is able to attend weekly investment seminars given by market analysts and mutual fund managers which complement his study of multiple investment and marketing strategies.

He is also involved in telemarketing with prospective clients and the summer will conclude with Barlow taking the Series 7 Financial Certification Exam. Passing this exam will allow him to become a licensed financial advisor and equities broker. Barlow explains that although it is a large commitment, spending “about 40 hours a week either in the office or working at home, this internship is a great opportunity and I have enjoyed it immensely so far.”