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A Gift Worth Giving

During their 50th Reunion Dinner, the Classes of 1959 announced their decision to establish a discretionary fund for the Hobart and William Smith Deans Offices. The Classes of 1959 Deans’ Discretionary Fund will give the deans flexibility to respond to urgent student requests, to accommodate unexpected occurrences and to take advantage of new opportunities in campus programming.

“What you have done,” said President Mark D. Gearan, “is arm the Deans with the power to make an immediate difference in the lives of students, and to allow students to complete and enhance their education at Hobart and William Smith.”

Current Hobart and William Smith students will benefit most from this gift. Depending on certain guidelines and conditions, students with unexpected needs will now have the opportunity to receive financial assistance for personal emergencies, tuition, book costs or to cover costs of school-related activities.

Presented to Gearan by Classes of 1959 representatives Eric Hall Anderson, B.T. Volin and Fritz Scheeren, they called the gift especially practical in today’s economy when many families’ financial situations can be unstable and unpredictable.

“We wanted to commemorate our 50th Reunion in a way that both provided an enduring legacy for the Classes of 1959 and was meaningful to current HWS students,” said Scheeren.

“We would like to thank our Hobart and William Smith classmates for demonstrating their commitment to the Colleges in honor of our 50th Reunion,” said Volin.

“This represents a lot of hard work and intentional generosity from the members of our classes,” Anderson said.  “Thanks to that generosity, we have, in fact, made this goal a reality.”