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LAX Herons Lend a Helping Hand

This summer, girls from across the country are jumping at the opportunity to practice and improve their lacrosse skills with the William Smith Herons at the 12th annual girls’ overnight lacrosse camp. As always, Pat Genovese, William Smith lacrosse head coach, is in charge of running and organizing the camp.

Helping out Genovese are assistant coaches Mimi Schatz and Lindsey Breese. In addition, a number of exceptional members of the William Smith lacrosse team will act as counselors and coaching assistants. Lexi Walston ’11, Rosie Scheibel ’12, Molly Fitzgerald ’10 and Becky Josefiak ’09 are all enthusiastic players who will undoubtedly contribute positively to the campers’ overall experiences.

The overnight camp is open to lacrosse players of any skill level between the ages of 12 and 18. Based on skill level, campers are broken down into teams at the beginning of the week and compete against each other in daily games. This year, Genovese plans to hold a World Cup tournament on the last day to test the skills learned during the week.

Along with fair playing time, the campers also receive information on nutrition and the college application process. Unique to this lacrosse camp is the amount of individual attention that is given to the campers. “I am really looking forward to the camper/staffer games that we have at the end of the day,” says Josefiak ’09. Each evening the campers are given the chance to play in a game with and against the counselors. This gives counselors the opportunity to work with the campers more closely as teammates.

For the second year in a row, Genovese is also running a day camp for younger lacrosse enthusiasts. The two camps will both be on campus at the same time. Genovese explains that the perks of this are instilling the love of lacrosse in girls at a younger age as well as allowing the older girls to learn some leadership skills while interacting with the younger group. Genovese looks forward to working with all of the campers. “You just enjoy the energy level of those age groups,” she says. “They’re very eager to learn.”

The camp runs from Saturday, June 27 through Tuesday, June 30.