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Flower Project Makes Moms Smile

Thanks to the efforts of the Colleges’ Hillel, women across the nation enjoyed beautiful flowers through Jewish Women International, Mother’s Day Flower Project. Hillel donated $120 to the organization, which gives bouquets to deserving women in domestic violence shelters across the country. 

“We were contacted by Jewish Women International last year, and we were successful at getting the word out and raising awareness for this organization this year,” explains Lorinda Weinstock, adviser of the Hillel Program. “We sold more cards than last year, so we will donate our extra money to a local women’s shelter.”

Andrea Rocchio ’11, co-president of Hillel, is optimistic about next year’s fundraising as well. “Donating to Jewish Women International again was great for Hillel. It’s wonderful to know that the money given by HWS’s contributors was spent on bringing a smile to a mother’s face who may not have much to smile about,” she says.

The students from Hillel sold Mother’s Day cards at this year’s Peace Festival, tabled, and collected money from each sale for the Flower Project. Bouquet for Thy, donated by artist Anicca Bat Adam, graced the Flower Project’s Mother’s Day cards this year.

Lori Weinstein, Executive Director of Jewish Women International, expressed her thanks in a letter to Weinstock: “Your generosity towards this important initiative – particularly in the midst of this economic challenge – helps lift up thousands of battered women on a day when many of them feel forgotten.” 

Contributions to the Flower Project not only fund these bouquets, but also help the organization provide women of all ages with the resources to break the cycle of domestic violence and to begin new, healthy, independent lives. In addition, it funds education programs for young adults, builds children’s libraries and safe havens across the United States, and allows Israel’s Children’s Home to help abused and emotionally damaged children heal and grow.

“Passing on the gift of love is not only a part of this organization, it is essential to it,” says Rocchio. “Love at times is not easy to come by, but anyone who donated has a small part in making life a little better for a mother out there. For that, I embrace this cause and organization with full force.”