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Weiner ’89 Writes on Wall Street

Eric J. Weiner ’89, a former Dow Jones journalist, provides an oral history of Wall Street in his recently published book “What Goes Up: The Uncensored History of Modern Wall Street as Told by the Bankers, Brokers, CEOs, and Scoundrels Who Made It Happen.”  With an insider’s perspective, the book covers Wall Street from the 1930s through the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, including the schemes, scams, greed and glory.

In his illuminating history of the stock market, Weiner includes interviews with many of America’s financial and business elite, including Charles Schwab, Peter Lynch, David Rockefeller, and dozens more. From the mouths of those who made it happen, “What Goes Up” teaches how Wall Street became what it is, from what financiers really thought about the stock market’s biggest scandals and meltdowns, to the birth of the mutual fund and the Internet.

Weiner has been a writer and editor for 15 years, covering business and economic issues. “What Goes Up,” his first book, was selected as one of 2005’s best books by Barron’s and Kiplinger’s magazines. His next book, “The Shadow Market,” deals with the recent changes in the global economy and the evolution of international capitalism. It is tentatively scheduled to be out in early 2010.

After graduating from Hobart in 1989 with an English degree, Weiner received a master’s in journalism from Northwestern University. As a former columnist and Wall Street reporter for the Down Jones News Service, Weiner has written for many major publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and more. He also contributes to the online news and opinion blog The Huffington Post. Weiner lives in Great Barrington, Mass. with his wife and son.

While at Hobart, Weiner was a member of the Statesmen Hockey team, the Herald and WEOS.