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Hauser and Yapicioglu Featured in City News Special Section

A special section of City newspaper (Rochester, N.Y.) from April 21 featured home designs, and in particular the work of Rick Hauser, assistant professor of art, and Ali Yapicioglu, adjunct instructor in art. Their work was on the cover of the feature, and was the first story, titled “Getting Back to Nature.”

The house shown in the article is on Lasher Road, in Auburn, and was designed to “find the sun,” said Yapicioglu. South-facing windows were placed to catch as much winter sunlight as possible and shine it onto a wall that runs along the house's axis. The wall then becomes a solar wall, trapping and radiating the day's heat. In the summer, an overhang over those same windows keeps the sun out and the house cool.

The house, which was completed last year at a secluded, woodsy spot, was to be the clients' natural escape. So Hauser and Yapicioglu designed a building as a “path back to nature,” Hauser said. To him, the approach creates homes that are cooperative with the environment, not just barriers against it.

“Architecture can either connect us to a place or separate us,” he said. “Architecture is a movement through space and time.You can't think of it as static.”