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Gallery Offers Eclectic Experience

Ashley Curtis ’10 is an art history major and European studies minor who has the opportunity to put her passions to use this summer at the Pucker Gallery, located in the Back Bay area of Boston, Mass.

Curtis describes Pucker Gallery as a very eclectic gallery with pieces ranging from artists such as Picasso, Marc Chagall and Derain, to Inuit sculptures and a large collection of Asian pottery, as well as many oil paintings by Samuel Bak and even some cloth paintings by a local artist named Ali. The gallery is the largest on the street (Newbury Street) spanning five stories.

According to Curtis, Mr. Bernie Pucker began the gallery 42 years ago on his own and has built a respectable reputation not only in Boston, but around the world.

“Artists come from the local New England area and from across the country. They come all the way from Israel and several parts of Asia and Europe,” Curtis says. “This summer the gallery has already had an exhibition featuring three generations of Japanese potters, the oldest of which was a national treasure in Japan.”

Among her responsibilities are taking inventory of pieces, typing up appraisals and even installing art in certain areas of the gallery. As she becomes more familiar with the artists, Curtis says she will be able to begin to give clients tours of the gallery and work directly with them.

“My favorite part of my experience so far is being able to talk to Mr. Pucker and learn how he built his gallery and why he made certain choices. I also enjoy meeting and talking with the artists who frequently visit the gallery and are always friendly and intriguing” she says. In terms of a future career, Curtis says “My experience has definitely opened my eyes to the art world and how it works, and has provided me with serious thoughts about where I’d eventually like to end up.”

For now, she is looking forward to the opening of a new exhibition, “Modern Masters” which features works by Derain, Dufy, Chagall, Picasso, Matisse and Léger.