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Bringing a Male Perspective to Lifetime

“Ultimately my dream would be to become an advertising mogul and own a sailboat,” says Chris Drake ’10. This summer he’s advancing toward that dream by getting his foot in the door of the competitive world of advertising at an internship with Lifetime Television at their main headquarters in New York City.

Drake, a media and society major and a studio art minor, is working in the digital/new media department at Lifetime as the new media marketing intern. New media includes everything from social networks such as Facebook to search engines like Google. “Lifetime is trying to target a younger audience,” explains Drake. “So with the advent of user connectivity to new media there is a huge portal to be utilized.” Drake’s goal as a member of the marketing team is to find “new and creative ways to market, advertise, and promote the Lifetime Network brand.”

Lifetime Television is a network featuring movies, sitcoms, and dramas that are geared toward women. Drake, who is quick to admit that he isn’t part of Lifetime’s target audience, brings a male perspective to the marketing and advertising side of the network.

At Hobart and William Smith, media and society is an interdisciplinary major which means that he is allowed to choose from a wide variety of courses in different departments. Courses that count for the major include everything from making the news to film editing, and medicine and society. Drake says that “a liberal arts education has prepared me for this kind of internship.”

Drake is grateful for the many ways in which his internship with Lifetime is already benefiting him. Through the internship, he is making connections with people who work at one of the top-rated basic cable networks. “I am gaining a sense of direction of where I want to take my life.”

On campus, Drake is a member of the Media Club and Arts Collective, as well as a DJ for WEOS the campus radio station.