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Warr ’05 Dances through Plays in Parks

“The pieces are woven together seamlessly,” says reviewer Nicole Higgens of “Brief Shorts,” a quintet of danced plays presented by the Xoregos Performing Company, which includes Hobart alum Joshua Warr ’05.

“Brief Shorts” is an hour-long program of five danced plays, performed free in parks throughout New York City this summer. The program contains works by Ade Ademola, Rick Foster, Adam Karr, Eugene Ionesco, and Curtis Zahn, with a special tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.

Higgens, reviewer on the nytheatre.com Website, writes, “This truly wonderful cast of performers has the chops to grab the attention of everyone in their immediate area, and many having come upon the company accidentally stayed for the entire program, which is a testament to their energy and skill.”

Higgens gives praises to Warr for his work in “The Semantics of Intercourse,” which pairs Warr with another dancer as they act out “A troubled comic love mismatch to the fine pacing of the recitation” of an amusing poem. Later in the show, Warr “Delivered with great intensity” in ‘Shadowfall,’ blending a bit of darkness into the bill.

 Warr graduated from Hobart College with his B.A. in French and Francophone Studies, with a minor in dance. He has danced with Shadow Box Theatre, Elojes Dance Theatre, and Sudden Enlightenment Theatre, and is pursuing a master’s degree in acting from the Maggie Flanigan Studio in New York.