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A Comedic Train Wreck

In his “hilarious and oddly inspiring” memoirs of a dysfunctional life, Jeff Nichols ’88 recounts his “trainwreck” of a life.

“Trainwreck: My Life as an Idoit” is the tale of a kid born to privileged Manhattanites, who grows up with a plethora of problems: from ADD and dyslexia, to a mild case of Tourette’s syndrome.

After spending his childhood getting tossed out of elite private schools on the Upper East Side, Nichols made his way through college misbehaving. Then, after graduating “by the skin of his teeth” and adventuring on a fateful bike tour through Europe, he finds a job on Wall Street. Along with this job, Nichols found more debauchery.

Nichols memoirs include the tales of a series of odd jobs, including substitute teacher and dictionary salesman, and a string of disasters, including wrecking a 28-foot yacht and burning down his family’s lake house, before making his way to Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s here that he perfects his material for a career as a stand-up comedian.

Now, in his memoirs, “Trainwreck will have you laughing out loud,” says comedian Dan Naturman. “I have always said that Jeff Nichols is one of the funniest men in New York City.”

Nichols has encountered a few more disasters in his 12-year-stint as a comedian; now, an indie production company is changing Nichols’ luck, and turning his life into a feature film.

Maybe he’s not such an idoit.

At Hobart, Nichols majored in English and was a member of Theta Delta Chi.