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Long bike trips, longer friendships

Gary Roberts ’81 isn’t spending his summer like an average home rehab and real estate investor. The former math and physics major from Seattle, W.A. is currently on an adventure traveling cross country with his wife, Ellen Caise, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Washington, and his 15- yr. old dog, Brindil.

Robert’s journey began on May 16 to visit his sister in Old Town, Maine, and since, has crossed 13 states and covered 3,540 miles. He states that he has only changed three tires and while collecting five flats along the way. He and his wife pedal ultra-smooth Kona Sutras with Brindil in a tow-behind child carrier about 70 miles per day with one day off per week for rest.

They recently paid Geneva a visit to see Robert’s former professors, Larry Smolowitz and Dan McGowan.  Smolowitz is Professor Emeritus from the math department and McGowan is Professor Emeritus from the economics department. Roberts has kept in touch with Smolowitz and his wife Fay for the past 21 years. Roberts and McGowan met again at the Bar Mitzvah of Jeremy Gottlieb, son of Steve Gottlieb ’83, in Willemstad, Curacao, at the oldest synagogue in this hemisphere.

When thinking of his friend Gary Roberts, Smolowitz says the word that comes to mind is “adventurer”. “He’s always looking for a new challenge.”