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Medora’s Media Experience

Medora Hartz ’10 gained exposure to the media industry this summer by splitting her time between two part-time internships at ESPN Radio and Billboard Magazine.

At ESPN Radio, the media and society major was a sales and promotions intern. Through this internship she had the unique opportunity to attend the prestigious Belmont Stakes horse races as well as the U.S. Open golf tournament as a representative of ESPN. At both of these locations she aided in promotion efforts in many capacities such as by making arrangements for two trainers in the Belmont to be interviewed on ESPN.  She was also a part of ESPN’s E-Team, which is a group of interns who are sent to promote the channel at bars around New York City and Long Island.

At Billboard Magazine, Hartz was part of the marketing team during the time of Michael Jackson’s death. “Michael Jackson’s death was huge for the magazine and the Web site,” she said. “We had a lot of advertisers who wanted to advertise during that time.” As a result, Hartz was given the task of focusing on fan pages and blogs where they could post information on new updates about Michael Jackson’s death, as well as his record of being on the top of the charts.  When not working on Jackson initiatives, she researched new artists to add to the music news Web site.

Hartz is grateful for her HWS education. She believes that the Introduction to Media and Society and Media Economics classes applied directly to and prepared her well for her internships at ESPN Radio and Billboard Magazine.

Hartz’s media and society major is complemented by her minor in Latin American Perspectives. On campus she is also a member of the William Smith squash team.