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A Frat-tastic Summer

Not only is New York City a mecca for HWS internships in the arts, music, and business-but for HWS community summer gatherings as well.  And none have been more amped about getting together and organizing events than Hobart fraternity members.  Whether current students or alums, many brothers see each other at least once a week.  

“Fraternities are really great instruments for keeping many grads in the loop and well connected with HWS,” says Darragh Clark ’10, who is president of the Hobart chapter of Chi Phi fraternity and is interning in New York in the commercial real estate industry.  “The great thing about New York City is that there are so many HWS folks-especially guys from my fraternity-in the immediate area.  We are constantly getting together for dinner, drinks, a coffee here and there, movies, concerts, etc.” 

Clark, an urban studies major and double minor in sociology and peer education in human relations, says, this is also the case with recent alums.  Although they have graduated, many of them keep in touch and remain in the loop of campus happenings.

Chi Phi brother Jeremy Cooney ’04, who was recently appointed a member of the New York Young Leaders Congress, says through the fraternity network he stays in better contact with several of classmates.  “Within the Chi Phi brotherhood,  I have brothers down South, in the Midwest, on the Pacific coast, and overseas; however, through our fraternal bond, we have managed to stay close, share our life journeys, network for jobs, and maintain our connections to both Hobart and Chi Phi.”


“There’s something special about the relationships one develops while in a fraternity-this is especially the case at Hobart College considering the unique Greek scene on campus. The relationships I have developed are incredibly special and quite memorable,” says Clark, who is also a member of the Druid society, a handful of intramural teams and volunteered on the 2009 New Orleans service trip.

Jake MacDonald ’10, president of the Hobart chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, says that many of their alums keep in touch through the Phi Sigma Kappa Web site and Facebook, in addition to gatherings like the 62nd Phi Sigma Kappa convention, recently held in Boston. 

“I recently got back from the convention, where six brothers and two alumni we able to meet and connect with brothers from different chapters around the country.  A number of alumni, including Art DeCordova ’56, P’82, L.H.D. ’05, were on campus during reunion weekend this summer and stopped by for tours of the house, which they said looked great. And I know of many other brothers who got together in Boston, and New York City attending baseball games, and other events together,” says MacDonald.

Delta Chi Hobart chapter President Zach Feasel ’10 says that this summer, Delta Chi brothers “have done a plethora of things to keep in touch.”

In addition to the annual Delta Chi barbeque in New Jersey, where six generations of Delta Chi brothers got together to reminisce and chow down, current brothers met up with John Howland ’10 and recent grad Kyle Mochol ’08, who guide whitewater rafting expeditions down the Black River in Watertown, N.Y.

“It was an incredible trip, especially that brothers could gather and share that experience,” says Feasel.  “This summer brothers pitched in to fix up the house on campus.  Some brothers are planning trips together to Europe, India and Puerto Rico.  There are brothers all over the country, which opens up networking opportunities, ways to keep connected, places to stay, friends.  It’s special to us.”

Dubary Brea ’08, another Chi Phi brother, says that many his closest friends were his fraternity brothers at HWS.   

And now, as recent graduates, he says, “The fraternity serves as another outlet for many alumni to keep in contact with the Colleges and informed of the full spectrum of campus life, to see what’s different, the same, or better.”

As Clark says, “Alumni relations is something our fraternity places great emphasis on.  No matter what the occasion, reason, or connection, it’s always a special experience meeting up with HWS alums!”