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Health Professions General Meeting

Interested in medicine, dentistry, nursing or any other health profession?

A general information meeting for the Health Professions program will be held on Thursday, Sept. 10, at 7:30 p.m. in the Sanford Room of the Warren Hunting Smith Library.

Facilitated by Mark Deutschlander, associate professor of biology and chair of the Health Professions Committee, and Renee Nearpass, assistant director of Health Professions counseling and fellowship advising, this meeting will introduce the program and supply students with information on health-related careers.

The Health Professions program features an interdisciplinary minor for students preparing for professional or graduate training in a health care specialty.  The minor is particularly suited for students majoring in a natural science (such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, or psychology) who wish to take a suite of interdisciplinary courses that will provide them with perspectives from the social sciences and humanities on health care and related topics. In addition, students can take some courses for the minor that will provide them with useful skills or experiences for practicing medicine in a professional setting.

Faculty members of the Health Professions Advisory Committee oversee the minor program, advise students, and approve declaration and audit forms for individual students. The Health Professions Advisory Committee Chair acts as the program coordinator and approves all minor declarations and audits.

The Sept. 10 meeting is open to all majors and class years, though is targeted toward first-years and sophomores looking for information about careers in the health professions or application procedures for medical, dental or nursing school.

“We want students to be aware of all the things they need to do to get into health professions schools,” says Deutschlander.

This informal meeting will also give students the opportunity to ask questions about health professions internships and provide them with time-management tips and information about HWS study abroad programs with coursework related to the Health Professions.

For more information about the Health Professions program at HWS, click here.