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Financial Primer for Students

Mistakes made with credit cards, loans and late payments can plague people for years to come. Prevent financial woes in the future by attending “Money Matters,” an event intended to educate students as to what to do and what not to do with one’s credit card as they take charge of their own finances.

“Given the situation of our economy, I want our students to be informed on credit and contract issues before they graduate,” says Edith Wormley, assistant director of the Academic Opportunity Programs at HWS.

With a presentation by Anne Barton, associate director of financial aid, Money Matters will give students a better understanding of how to manage finances, the payment of loans and how students can stay out of debt. The event will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 23, in the Sanford Room at 6 p.m. Pizza and drinks will be served and students will also have the opportunity to receive prizes.