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Alum is Happily Ever After with Book

Irene Zutell ’87 has published her third novel amidst positive reviews. “Pieces of Happily Ever After” has been called “A sassy, sweet tale of love lost and found,” by Publishers Weekly. calls it “Addictive.”

“Pieces of Happily Ever After” tells the story of what happens after “happily ever after.”  Alice Hirsch, a former New Yorker, believes she will never feel at home in the ludicrous world called the San Fernando Valley. Alice struggles to adjust while raising her five-year-old daughter, keeping her job and making her new house a home. Things turn around when her husband Alex, a hot shot attorney, hooks a trophy client, movie star Rose Maris. That is when Alex starts working late, upgrades to Armani and turns his gut into a six-pack.

Soon enough, Alex and Rose’s affair arises in the tabloids while Alice is left to burn in gossip hell. Her life begins to collapse as she journeys through a newly single life in suburban LA, constantly fighting for the answer. While Alice’s mind is racing over Alex, if there is a chance he will come back and if so will she want him, her college sweetheart George waltzes into her life. Right behind George is Johnny, a charming paparazzo. As Alice picks up the pieces of what was once her beautiful life, she battles over what she truly wants out of love and herself.

Zutell began her career as a journalist working for papers and magazines such as People, Us Weekly, The New York Times, the NY Daily News, Newsday, and USA Today. She created and co-executive produced “Wickedly Perfect,” a primetime CBS reality series that matched 12 gifted experts against each other to find America’s next great style-maker.  “I’ll Never Have Sex with You Again!: Tales from the Delivery Room” by Zutell and her husband, Larry Bleidner, was her first and their only novel together but was shortly followed by “They’re Not Your Friends: A Novel” by Zutell, published in June of 2005.

“Pieces of Happily Ever After” was published this September and has been hailed ever since its release.  Zutell and Bleidner now live in Los Angeles with their children.

While at HWS, Zutell majored in English and worked at WEOS-FM, the Colleges’ radio station.