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Cerulli Presents Paper in Japan

Earlier this month, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Anthony Cerulli was invited to present a paper at the 14th World Sanskrit Conference at Kyoto University Graduate School of Letters in Kyoto, Japan. 

The conference meets every three years at different international locations, and it brings together scholars from around the world who work on various aspects of Sanskrit language and literature.  The Sanskrit language was used throughout Indian history to compose many types of literary and scientific works, including linguistics, poetry, drama, philosophy, religion, medicine, astronomy, among others. 

Cerulli’s paper, titled “The Construction of the Patient in Sanskrit Medical Literature,” was part of the conference’s Scientific Literature Section.  His paper discussed the forms and functions of narrative to explain disease origins and treatments in classical Sanskrit medical literature circa 2nd – 7th centuries C.E., and it explored various images of the medical patient that emerges in Sanskrit medical storytelling.

Earlier in the summer, an article that Cerulli wrote on a 17th century Sanskrit drama called “The Joy of Life” was published as “Narrative Wellbeing: Anandarayamakhin’s Jivanandanam” in the Indian Journal of the History of Science.

Cerulli received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, his M.A. from Yale University and his B.A. from Loyola University of Chicago.  During a Fulbright Fellowship in 2004-05, he studied in India and England.  In addition to “Narrative Wellbeing,” Cerulli recently published an article titled “Mental Disease in the Ayurvedadipika of Cakrapanidatta,” in Navathy Pranamam: A Festschrift for Shankaran Namboodiri, and has a forthcoming article, “Atman and the Body: Religio-Medical Perspectives from Ayurveda,” in Refiguring the Body: Embodiment in South Asian Religions (Albany: State University of New York Press).  He is a member of the American Academy of Religion, the American Oriental Society, the International Society for Iranian Studies, the Kerala Council for Historical Research and the International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine.