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Include Yourself

What does inclusive excellence mean to you?  What does it mean for HWS?  For the world?

In February 2007, HWS President Mark D. Gearan convened a group of students, staff and faculty to consider ways to advance a more inclusive community at Hobart and William Smith.

The group, known as the Commission on Inclusive Excellence, works to create a strategic plan that will help Hobart and William Smith build and strengthen a campus community of inclusive excellence-that is, as the vision statement says, to develop “a learning community that is guided by the principles of equity, social justice, cultural competence and engaged citizenship. Inclusive excellence is organized around a concept of diversity that is historically situated and includes multiple social and cultural identities. Its goal is to foster the excellence of all community members and promote meaningful interactions and relationships with diverse peoples and perspectives, both on and off our campus.” 

On Thursday, Oct. 1, the HWS Commission on Inclusive Excellence will give a report to the HWS Community on the work accomplished to date, and outline its future plans, at 3:30 p.m. in the Geneva Room. 

The Commission is committed to communicating the vision to all members of the HWS community, reviewing and assessing all efforts to achieve inclusive excellence and making recommendations on programming and “best practices” that would insure inclusive excellence as a foundation for advancement.

The Commission has met throughout the 2007-08 and 2008-09 school years, exploring ways to address the established goals through campus surveys, cross-institutional consultation, the study and review of trends and data regarding Admissions and retention issues and communication and education issues. 

All members of the HWS community are invited to join President Gearan and the Commission on Inclusive Excellence on Oct. 1 for the Community Report, another step in this important and exciting journey. 

Information regarding publications about inclusive excellence can be found at