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LAO Family Weekend Dinner

Family Weekend is a Hobart and William Smith tradition, bringing parents, families and students together on campus for three days of festivities and HWS culture.

With that in mind, the HWS Latin American Organization (LAO) is hosting a dinner on Saturday, Oct. 24, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. in the Comstock Dining Hall.

Adding to a weekend already filled with great activities and events, like artist Emily Kenas’ “Works on Paper” exhibit at Houghton House and the Statesmen Lacrosse Scrimmage against the Iroquois National Team, the LAO dinner will feature student performances as well as a talk from Associate Professor of Spanish and Hispanic and Chair of the department Edgar Paiewonsky-Conde.  Paiewonsky-Conde-who joined the faculty in 1987 with a Ph.D., M.S., and B.A., all from New York University-will speak on the theme of family tradition as it applies to Latin American culture.

“The reason we have this event is because not everyone’s parents and families can attend Family weekend,” says Jeanette Garcia ’11, LAO Media Coordinator.  “It’s a time for people on campus to come together, with or without their families.”

Student performances will include a step routine from the Hip-NotiQs and music from Josephine Ragon ’11, Gabrielle Perez ’11, Jalisa Whitley ’11, Kevin Bates ’12 and Mariza Pereira ’10.  Reina Apraez ’11 will perform a monologue and Jessamyn Martinez ’12 will read a poem.

Tickets are $7 each, available at the College Store.

For a great meal and fantastic student entertainment, bring your parents, family, friends or just yourself: all are welcome!

Visit the Family Weekend 2009 Web site for more information on events, registration, lodging and more.

The photo above features the Hip-NotiQs at a previous performance.