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LAX Film, Stickmaking Captivated All

The second event of the Colleges Native American Conference, “Lacrosse: The Creator’s Game” took place on Thursday, Oct. 29, with a film screening of “Sacred Sport” by Jordan Kligerman and presentation by Onondaga Nation stickmaker, Alf Jacques.  The event, sponsored by the Center for Intercultural Affairs is intended to convey the development and connection of lacrosse as a history and as a game.

The film by Kligerman focused on the key element of lacrosse – the stick – as well as the artistry of Onondaga Nation stickmaker Jacques, who learned the traditional year-long process from his father. While speaking about his passion for the sport, Kligerman stressed the importance of “Developing the craft instead of the score.” Kligerman also feels that lacrosse has a magical history that can be seen and felt through the tradition of stickmakers throughout generations.

“The screening of Sacred Sport and the presentation on stick making by Alf Jacques were a incredible reminder that the roots of lacrosse go much deeper than just the game we have been playing at Hobart and William Smith for the last century,” says Assistant Director of Admissions and former Hobart Lacrosse player Bill Warder ’96. He explains lacrosse is an integral part of the Native American culture and their connection to the Creator. Lacrosse was a gift from the Creator to promote peace and to heal the people.

“Alf Jacques spoke with passion for the art of stick carving, and he represents a vibrant link between the modern game we all play and the heritage that may go back for as long as the beginning of the Iroquois,” says Warder.

A graduate of the University of Delaware, Kligerman took his passion for film and sports with him to NFL Films.  From 1997 through 2003, he worked with NFL Films to produce six Super Bowls and two Pro-Bowls along with a great deal of programming such as “Under the Helmet” on the Fox Network, “Inside the NFL” on HBO and “NFL Films Presents” on ESPN.  In 2004, Kligerman enrolled in the Media Arts MFA program at the City College of New York. His thesis, “Pick of the Litter,” about the dumpster-diving Freegan movement, won the Public Media grant.

“This event really brought people from various disciplines together,” says Director of Intercultural Affairs Alejandra Molina. From students to anthropology professors, to coaches, this event captivated all.