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HWS join Red Watch Campaign

This semester Hobart and William Smith Colleges are joining SUNY Stony Brook’s “Red Watch Band” training campaign to alert students to the dangers of toxic drinking and provide information and training to help prevent it.

Established at SUNY Stony Brook last year after a faculty member lost her son to alcohol poisoning, the “Red Watch Band” campaign is designed to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion, and respect.  The ‘Red Watch Band’ movement is designed to end alcohol overdose deaths by teaching students how to handle alcohol emergencies and summon professional help.

Robert Pool, director of student activities, says that “through this program, we hope to train, empower and thereby encourage students to assess and properly intervene when they encounter others suffering from toxic drinking.” 

The “Red Watch Band” strategy is to reverse this tendency through a series of trainings, which include CPR and bystander intervention techniques.  The hope is that trained students will be more alert, take initiative and call the appropriate authorities when necessary.

Up to 16 students will be trained in a two part series held between Tuesday, Nov. 10 and Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. in the Hirshson Ballroom. 

Interested students should contact Pool at pool@hws.edu or ext. 3513 by Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 5 p.m.  Students must attend both sessions to complete the training.  Staff members leading the HWS program hope to continue the training into the spring semester in hopes to certify as many students as are interested in participating.