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HWS Goes Greener

Upholding the commitment to reduce emissions and move toward sustainability, Hobart and William Smith are continuing to utilize new environmental initiatives and maintain and improve existing ones. Much as the success of global change rests on the willingness of individuals and businesses to change, the campus initiatives are dependent on HWS community participation.

Since the end of the 2007-08 school year, Hobart and William Smith achieved a 9 percent energy reduction in campus energy consumption through efficiency and conservation efforts that avoided approximately 700 tons of carbon dioxide.

James Landi ’08, HWS Sustainability Coordinator, says that while that’s a good start, “we need to get it back up again this semester.  Just by keeping food and liquids out of the recycling bins we can get it higher.  It’s absolutely within our means.”

With two-thirds of the people eating in Saga participating in, “Trayless Tuesdays,” initiated last spring, saved on averaged 1,200 gallons of water each Tuesday, a semester total of 13,000 gallons, and saw a 20 percent waste reduction per person.  So far during this semester alone, 7,200 gallons of water have been saved.

Bringing sustainability to residential life, every residential area has an “eco-rep,” a student volunteer who identifies heating problems, helps with recycling efforts and encourages students to consider the environmental effects of their actions.

The Climate Task Force looks forward to another successful year of ambitious emission reduction efforts moving into the new year, says Landi.