Soccer Teams End Season – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
The HWS Update

Soccer Teams End Season

This weekend both the Hobart and William Smith soccer teams showed an outstanding performance in NCAA Division III Soccer first round and a solid performance throughout their season and in their final two games on Sunday.

The Statesmen travelled to Swarthmore, Pa., and the Herons played at home on Cozzens Field.  Both teams won their games in the first round on Saturday, which allowed them to advance to round two on Sunday.  The games this weekend determined which teams would advance to the third round of the NCAA Division III Championships. 

On Saturday, the Statesmen played St. Joseph’s College of Long Island in the first round of the NCAA Division III Men’s Soccer Tournament at Swarthmore College’s Clothier Field Stadium. The team won 2-1 with goals made by both sophomore Tony Yeboah and first-year Alex Kittelberger.  The Statesmen controlled possession for much of the first half. In the 34th minute, Yeboah, assisted by sophomore Tommy Hayes, scored from the top of the box into the upper-right corner, giving the Statesmen a 1-0 lead.  Hobart scored again no more than two minutes into the second half giving them a 2-0 advantage.  In the 71st minute, the St. Joseph’s Eagles scored, bringing the final score to 2-1. After Saturday, the Statesmen improved to 15-3-2 overall and moved on to face Swarthmore in the second round on Sunday.

Hobart Soccer

In the second round, the Hobart Soccer team fought to the finish, falling to Swarthmore in double-overtime. Sophomore Chris King scored his third goal of the year to bring Hobart up 1-0 in the 19th minute.  In the 13th minute, senior defender Matt Geswell received a red card and was ejected from the game.  In the second quarter, both a Hobart and Swarthmore player drew their second yellow card of the game and were ejected from the contest.  The remainder of the game was played 10-on-9.  In the 86th minute, Swarthmore scored from 16 yards in front of the net -sending the game into overtime. The Garnet scored again in the 106th minute to bring them to a 2-1 victory. The Statesmen closed their season with a 15-4-2 overall record.

The  William Smith soccer team had an exciting win over Simmons College on Saturday in NCAA Division III Women’s Soccer first round. In the first half, the Herons dominated the match with two goals.  In the 13th minute junior forward BreLynn Nasypany put away a lead pass from first-year forward Renee Jensen.  Nasypany scored her seventh goal of the season. The Herons scored again in the 25th minute when Nasypany sent a cross to sophomore forward Kate Redmond for a shot from four yards out. The game ended in a 2-0 victory for William Smith, allowing the Herons to advance to the second round of the NCAA finals. The Herons improved to 14-3-2 overall. 

The Herons played Ithaca College to a scoreless double-overtime draw in the second round of the NCAA Division III Women’s Soccer Tournament on Sunday.  After playing a scoreless 110 minutes, the match went into a shootout. Both teams had scoring opportunities in the first 110 minutes of the game. Senior Katelyn Tyson took three shots for the Herons. With less than two minutes remaining in the second overtime, William Smith came close to scoring. Redmond carried the ball up the right sideline to Nasypany.  Nasypany jumped to head the ball into the goal, but Ithaca goalie punched it out. The game ended with a penalty kick shootout.  The Bombers netted all five of their penalty kicks while the Herons sunk four of their five kicks. William Smith wraps its season with a 14-3-3 overall record.