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Embracing Differences

On Thursday, Dec. 3, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Etin Anwar’s Introduction to Women’s Studies course will host “Embracing Differences,” a celebration of everything that is not considered the “norm.”

Puja Patel ’13, one of the organizers of the event, says the event will “allow students an opportunity to learn about the ways in which different cultures, genders, and races can all come together and accept, appreciate, and celebrate the differences among people.  Embracing Differences event is an opportunity to express the ways in which differences should be openly supported, for they are a part of life.”

At 7 p.m., students will gather in Albright Auditorium for Indonesian, Filipino and classic dance performances; a short documentary on embracing differences; and poetry readings.

“The Embracing Differences event is a way for anyone to incorporate their talents, culture, and overall being into a collection of other expressions and publicize who they are and the importance of accepting individuality and difference,” says Jasmin Rostamnezhad ’13.

Jennifer Beneduce ’13 says that the event “is to show to the HWS community what we have been learning in women’s studies and how that links with the issues and differences around the world today. It means that we are taking the ways of living of all different religions and cultures, and brining them together to display them as togetherness. It is being held to make the people around us aware of these differences and how important they really are.”

“This is a student-driven and -initiated event to promote tolerance and acceptance of racial, religious, linguistic, sexual and civilizational diversity through artistic performance,” says Anwar.  “As the teaching goal of the class is to encourage students to become knowledge producers, self-directed learners, and caring global citizens, ‘Embracing  Differences’ channels students’ creativity in showing their knowledge and awareness of diversity and how to respond injustice and discrimination.”