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Cerulli Named Managing Editor

Anthony Cerulli, assistant professor of religious studies, has accepted the position of managing editor of India Review, a significant peer-reviewed academic journal published by Taylor & Francis, Routledge.  While the journal is historically of social-scientific focus, Cerulli has been charged with expanding its scope. He replaces Christine Fair of Georgetown University in the role, as Fair was recently appointed to the U.S. State Department as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia. 

India Review has historically attracted scholars from throughout the world to contribute articles in the fields of political science, economics, anthropology and sociology. 

This summer, the general editor of the publication asked Cerulli to accept the managing editor post and help the journal expand its intellectual scope by bringing issues of religion directly into the publication cycle and to attract scholars of Indian religions to publish with the journal.  

“It was an offer that I could not refuse,” says Cerulli.  “And, while the job is already quite demanding on my time, colleagues at HWS have given me a good deal of support and encouragement, which has been very helpful as I transition into this new post.”

He notes this role affords him an excellent opportunity to read cutting-edge scholarship on Indian cultural studies. “I am beginning to bring scholars from my field of religious studies into conversation with leading social scientists and policy makers about the sociocultural function of religion in India. This is a conversation that needs to take place and be ongoing, and I am delighted to be involved in making it happen.” 

India Review was founded with the goal of establishing an internationally renowned, peer-reviewed journal that primarily attracts scholars working in the social sciences, especially political science, public policy, economics, anthropology, and sociology.  Today India Review is widely read in India, Europe and North America.    

In reading the journal for a few years now, Cerulli notes he’d noticed that the topic of religion threads many of the articles, especially pieces that address India-Pakistan relations, the legacy of the British Raj, and post-1947 Indian politics.  Yet, he says, to-date neither has religion been a central focus of the journal, nor have scholars of Indian religions and religious history been actively sought to publish in the journal.  

“Scholars who work on Indian history and cultural studies have been writing pointedly about the confluence of religion with politics, literature, economics and warfare in India for a long time,” he says, noting, attention clearly paid to religion in Indian culture begins with Herodotus, whose “Histories” from the 5th century BCE gives us one of the earliest accounts of religious life on the Indian Subcontinent and has remained a part of such discourse to present day.

Cerulli joined the Hobart and William Smith faculty in 2008. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, a master’s from Yale University, and a bachelor’s degree from Loyola University of Chicago.

The journal can be found online at India Review.