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BRIDGE Featured in Government Video Magazine

The BRIDGE project (Bringing Relevant Internet Dialogue to Global Education) was featured in the April 2004 issue of Government Video magazine, in the article ” Building BRIDGEs.” Through the continued support of ICFNY as well as a $280,000 grant for the Colleges' Asian studies program from the Freeman Foundation, the BRIDGE Project has grown from one third grade classroom to include seven elementary school classrooms and two school districts with collaborations in Senegal, Vietnam, and Japan.

Scott Brophy, professor of philosophy and co-director of the BRIDGE project, said “the exchange is advantageous to all parties involved; HWS students make connections back home and to their course of study, especially those majoring in education, while public school students have a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures through their interaction with someone they know.”

Nicole Traino, a member of the William Smith Class of 2004, said she chose to participate in the BRIDGE Project because she thought it was an “opportunity for elementary students in Geneva to see other cultures through watching someone else's travels through the country. When I returned, I enjoyed listening to the students tell me about what they'd learned. The elementary school teachers were great and expanded on the information that I shared about Senegal with their classrooms.”