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LAO Shares College Experience

The Latin American Organization (LAO) at HWS recently hosted students from Geneva High School to experience a day in college. Director of Intercultural Affairs Alejandra Molina worked with Ryan Wagner, a graduate student who works at Geneva High School, to identify students who would most benefit from such an event. Wagner selected a dozen students who were struggling academically or socially in the classroom, and those whom he felt would benefit most from being exposed to a positive role model. Jessamyn Martinez ’12 and several student volunteers helped coordinate the program on campus.

The high school students arrived at 8:30 a.m. and were each paired with an HWS student. They then got the chance to experience a day in the life of a college student, attending classes and extracurricular activities to get a realistic view of what college is like. The day concluded with lunch in the Scandling Campus Center, where students were able to talk to each other and their HWS mentors, as well as ask questions and receive feedback.

Martinez noted she hopes this would be a springboard for future, similar events. “I feel there is so much we can offer each other that it would be an awful opportunity to miss out on. Hopefully we can begin a mentoring program and really make these high school students believe and understand that college is a possibility for them.”