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Koshare Makes Gift to Arts Initiative

On Tuesday, Dec. 15, Koshare board members Caitlyn Schrader ’10, Bethany Fagan ’10, Rebecca Borsuk ’11, Becki Fry ’11, Samantha Dighton ’12, Caroline Dosky ’12 and Courtney Good ’12 gathered in Coxe Hall to present $1,000 to President Mark D. Gearan and Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees Maureen Collins Zupan ’72, P’09 to support the Performing Arts Center.

“Koshare is such a pride point of the Colleges-reflective of our overall excellence in the arts,” said Gearan, “and we’re honored and thrilled that they are this generous, engaged and committed to Hobart and William Smith.”

“This is the first gift from students since the formal announcement of the project,” Zupan said, “and it’s great that it came from students.  They could have done anything with that money-thrown a party, bought costumes, anything!-but instead they decided to pay it forward.  That’s something special.”

The performing arts-theatre, dance and music-are fundamental to the rich, interdisciplinary education and social experience at the Colleges.  They sit at the intersection of literature, human behavior, history and science and are a living laboratory of active learning where students can experience intense, imaginative exploration while gaining self-confidence and mastering teamwork under pressure.

The accomplishments of the HWS faculty and students are exceptional, although the conditions of the physical spaces in which the performing arts are practiced dictate the programming and educational opportunities available to students.  

But with the Performing Arts Initiative, both the role of the performing arts in the Colleges’ interdisciplinary curriculum and their physical presence throughout campus will be revitalized and highlighted.

Though some of the Koshare board members will have graduated before construction begins, they are committed to providing first-rate facilities to ensure continued excellence in the arts for future classes of Hobart and William Smith students.

Schrader, Koshare board president, said: “As a part of our club and mission statement, we want to help provide a space conducive to all of the performing arts.  We’re very passionate about this.  We want to share the arts with HWS and the community and continue traditions, like Koshare, in the future.”

And with gifts like this one, there’s every confidence it should.  As Zupan said of the current members, “We hope to have all of them back to give a concert in the new performing arts center.”