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Recyclemania off to a Quick Start

About 80 percent of what Americans throw away every year is recyclable, yet the actual recycling rate in America is only 28 percent.  The Colleges are participating in Recyclemania 2010, an intercollegiate recycling competition between 600 Colleges and Universities as part of HWS’ Going Green initiative and to improve both the campus’ recycling rate and America’s. 

Recyclemania 2010 kicked off Feb. 1 with a Be Green, Go Blue “Recycling Hunt” where more than 50 HWS students set out armed with their blue bags to collect as many recyclables as possible in 45 minutes. 

“The RecycleMania 2010 kick-off event was a tremendous success,” said Jamie Landi, the Colleges’ Sustainability Coordinator. “I’m hoping that the momentum built by the “recycling hunt” will help raise HWS student, faculty and staff awareness and put the Colleges on track to achieve the eight week competition goal of a 30 percent recycling rate.” 

The Recycling Hunt rules were as follows;  the team that returned after the 45 minutes of scavenging with the highest total weight of cardboard, paper items, aluminum cans and glass and plastic bottles, received a “team dinner” at Red Dove in down town Geneva.  At the end of the allotted time, the 12 teams returned with an impressive combined total weight of 953.9 lbs of recyclables.  The winning team, consisting of Seniors Katie Cummins, Shari Damon, Allison Sperling, Francesca Antonucci and Stephanie Wells, returned with a staggering 137.6 lbs and were rewarded with the well-earned gift certificate for dinner at the Red Dove.

RecycleMania will run until Saturday, March 27. Over the next few weeks, HWS will work to raise the campus’ recycling rate to 30 percent.

“Raising our rate from its current place at 18 percent to 30 percent is ambitious, but if this first event is any kind of indicator, I think we can get there,” said Landi.

In order to reach the goal everyone is asked to “get caught green handed” and make recycling part of his or her everyday routine, starting during Recyclemania and continuing on as an Earth-healthy habit.  It is easy to “pitch-in” by recycling cardboard, aluminum cans, paper (white and colored), tin cans, magazines, glass bottles, newspaper, plastic bottles.  Campus members can even be “Caught Green Handed” and entered into a weekly raffle.

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