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Who Will Win the “Green” Title?

Pulteney Street has taken on a whole new meaning as the “East Side vs. West Side” competition kicks off. The three-week campus wide recycling event uses Pulteney Street as the dividing line to split the campus into two teams for the event, which runs through Monday, March 22.

“The event, which is an evolution from last year’s inter-residential hall competition, is a progression as it now includes faculty and staff participation,” says Jamie Landi ’08, the Colleges’ Sustainability Coordinator.  “The stakes are high, bragging rights are on the line – and because of that, it’s going to be close.”

Residence halls, departments and offices will go head-to-head to earn the “Green” title. Eligible items for recycling include: cardboard, clean boxboard, office paper, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, envelopes, file folders, aluminum cans, tin cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles #1-7. The waste from buildings on each side of campus will be sampled and a cumulative recycling rate for each side will be calculated. It is important that individuals do not include items with food waste or liquids that could spread onto other clean recyclables in order to ensure that the most amount of items are recyclable.

“East Side vs. West Side” is part of RecycleMania, an 8-week intercollegiate recycling competition between 600 Colleges and Universities that runs until Saturday, March 27. The Colleges are working to promote recycling in hopes of raising the recycling rate from its current 18 percent to 30 percent. In addition to “East Side vs. West Side” the Green Team has hosted the “Be Green, Go Blue Recycling Hunt” and the “Get Caught Green Handed” competition, which lasts the duration of Recyclemania where students who are caught recycling are entered into a weekly raffle. Questions and comments about Recyclemania can be directed to recycle@hws.edu.