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Finger Lakes Dance!

On Friday, March 26 and Saturday, March 27, Finger Lakes Dance! will present “DUALITY,” showcasing seven Finger Lakes Region artists: choreographer and HWS Associate Professor of Dance Cadence Whittier, poet and HWS Assistant Professor James McCorkle, musician Mark Olivieri, artist Brandon Phillips and dancers HWS Assistant Professor Michelle Iklé, HWS Assistant Professor Missy Pfohl Smith and Caitlyn Schrader ’10. 

Held at the Cracker Factory, a unique performing space that brings audience members and performers together in an intimate setting, the 60-minute concert will navigate between text and movement with poetry readings interspersed between dances. 

Whittier will present two new dance pieces, “Spin” and “Relative,” as well as a crowd favorite “[dis]connect,” which first premiered in Geneva in 2008.  Whittier’s theatrical duet, “[dis]connect,” begins with Smith and Whittier conversing on a bench.  When Whittier answers her cell phone and Smith checks her e-mail, the relationship begins to comically devolve.  In their attempt to connect with each other, their over-connected lifestyles serve to gradually disconnect them throughout the piece. Also in a theatrical vein, “Spin” comically and satirically explores the “spin” of political pundits.  The dance begins with Iklé and Whittier sitting atop two spinning stools.  As the piece progresses so does the spin: the movement becomes dizzying and out-of-control as the duality between the dancers becomes more and more exaggerated.

Featuring a slide projection installation created by Phillips and a live improvised musical score performed by Olivieri, “Relative” is a collaborative effort, with Whittier utilizing the dancing of Schrader and Smith in her choreography.  Slide projectors surround the dancers, creating a landscape of intriguing and layered images in the middle of the performance space.  As the dancers navigate through this landscape of memory and imagery, they cause images to disappear and reappear. In this piece, image unites with dance in unexpected, unique ways.  Slide images that are readily viewable from one side of the performance space are not viewable from the other side.  In order to capitalize on this duality of perspectives, Whittier will place the audience on opposite sides of the performance space.  She therefore challenges the audience to form their own interpretation of the choreography based on those images and movements that they can readily observe.

Finally, McCorkle will read from a group of interlocking poems that form a poetic journal that meditates on landscape, environment, time and the culture of war. 

The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. both nights and runs approximately one hour.  The Cracker Factory is located on 35 Lehigh Street in Geneva, N.Y.  (from campus head north on Genesee Street and take a right on Avenue E.)

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door.  Tickets are also available at Normal Bread Bakery (111 Washington St.) and at the College Store (54 St. Clair Street).

For more information, please call (315) 781-3949.