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Ryan Publishes “Mammalogy”

The fifth edition of “Mammalogy,” a textbook co-authored by James A. Ryan, professor of biology at HWS, was published earlier this month by Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Co-authored with Terry A. Vaughan, Ph.D., (the book’s original author and Northern Arizona University Emeritus Professor) and Nicholas J. Czaplewski, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, the book differs significantly from the previous edition.

“Research in the field of mammalogy has advanced so rapidly in the ten years since the last edition was published that we had to do a near-total rewrite,” explains Ryan. “For instance, the book was completely revised with respect to the evolution of mammals because many of the groups previously recognized have been completely reorganized.”

Additionally, supplemental, online chapters on mammalian diseases and domesticated animals have been written, more than half the artwork is new and the book contains an extensive, up-to-date bibliography that comprises nearly 70 pages.

At its original printing, “Mammalogy” was virtually the only textbook published on the subject; to date it is still only one of two. It is appropriate for both upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, particularly those majoring in biology, wildlife biology, or animal biology (pre-vet programs). Ryan is currently working on the lecture slides that will be available to instructors.

This is the first edition published by Jones and Bartlett and the publisher intends to market the book internationally.  The fifth edition is also the first to be published as a paperback, a move intended to reduce cost for students and the overseas market.

Ryan has been professor of biology and environmental studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges for more than two decades. He has spent significant time conducting field research and focuses on mammalian biodiversity and conservation of African small mammals. He holds a Ph.D. in zoology from The University of Massachusetts, a master’s degree in biological sciences from The University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in zoology from The State University of New York at Oswego. He is the recipient of the Hobart and William Smith Colleges Faculty Prize for Scholarship in 1997. Ryan’s publications include more than 25 scientific papers on the ecology, morphology, and behavior of mammals and birds. His most recent publication is “Adirondack Wildlife: A Field Guide” (University Press of New England, April 2009), the first field guide to the natural history and ecology of the Adirondacks.