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The HWS Update

Census 2010: It’s In Our Hands!

Census 2010 Week has arrived on the HWS campus. Students will be delivered the Census forms through resident advisers or house managers and should return it to either the RA or house manager as soon as possible. The campus goal is to have 100 percent participation by Thursday, April 1.  Students who have questions should contact a Residential Education staff member or stop by the Census 2010 table in the Scandling Campus Center. At dinner Wednesday, March 31, and Thursday, April 1, the on-campus Census team will be handing out root beer floats to welcome the spring weather and thank students for participating in the Census. Additionally, pizza parties will be held in all traditional residence halls to turn in completed forms late night Wednesday and Thursday.

All individuals are encouraged to promptly fill out the Census form, as Census information affects the numbers of seats a state occupies in the U.S. House of Representatives and is used to advocate for causes, rescue disaster victims, prevent diseases, research markets, locate pools of skilled workers and more.

Below are the instructions on filling out your census (expected to take 10 minutes or less):

  • If your parents have counted you on their form out home, PLEASE STILL FILL OUT THE FORM HERE! On question 7 there is an option to fill in your home address. This will help the Census Bureau connect you to your parents’ form.
  • You must use PEN to fill it out.
  • Please seal the envelope and put your name in the box on the front where it says “FOR_________________.” Also put your hall/house and room number.
  • Return the envelope to the person who gave it to you.
  • If you live off campus you were sent a form to your off campus address. Please fill it out and return it through the U. S. Post Office as instructed.

For more answers and information on the 2010 census please visit: www.2010.census.gov