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Hale ’12 offers L.L. Bean Trunk Show

As recently reported in a Boston Globe article, Charlie Hale ’12 and his friend Charlie Carey of Bates College are among the first people to see L.L. Bean’s new Signature collection of clothes, and on Thursday, April 1, they held a trunk show, displaying the new line.

Hale and Carey, who founded the marketing company Tremor Effect, have been busy pitching L.L. Bean garb on college campuses throughout the northeast-last weekend Bates, next week Carnegie Mellon University.

“L.L. Bean has been such a consistent company,” Hale says.  “With this line, designers have gone back through archives and picked out items that have been particularly successful and remade them with a contemporary fit, targeted for a younger audience.” 

Hale displayed part of L.L. Bean’s new line at the Kappa Alpha house,  600 S. Main St.

“We set up a pop up store in KA to let students get their hands on some of the gear and create brand awareness,” he says.

This brand awareness is a huge part of the strategy of Tremor Effect, which is an immersive marketing force specializing in targeting the immediate market for individual companies.

“We build and manage networks of socially influential college students who promote products and give specific feedback to companies,” Hale says.  “Each of the networks is unique.  We cater the networks and schools to each company to fit their needs.  And so far, it’s been going really well.”

According to the Boston Globe article, they received a tour of the design room and clothing used to inspire the line and “L.L. Bean’s marketing team furiously scribbled notes as they [the students] previewed the new Web site and models and suggested changes for photos to be used. Soon enough, L.L. Bean decided to tap the friends as brand ambassadors, offering them free clothing in exchange for spreading the word.”

In addition to Bates, the two have recruited 10 friends from colleges across the Northeast.  Soon, they will take their show on the road to other schools, including, in addition to Carnegie Mellon, Harvard University and the University of Vermont.


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