Lee Presents Genocide Workshop – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Lee Presents Genocide Workshop

Steven Lee, professor of philosophy at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, recently presented a paper and workshop as part of the three-day Colloquium on Religion and Genocide at Centre College, Danville, KY. The workshop was titled, “Genocide Intervention: Moving Beyond Awareness to Involvement,” the paper, “Killing and Kindness.”

“Religion and genocide are hot button issues,” says Beth Glazier-McDonald, Stodghill Professor of Religion at Centre. “Students rush to take classes on the Holocaust or to hear speakers about the horrors in Rwanda and Darfur. We want to brainstorm ideas about how to translate that interest into action that effects change in the world.”

The Colloquium coincided with Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday, April 11.
Speakers include, among others:

• Roy Gutman, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for reporting on Serbian death camps
• Darrell Fasching, Professor of Religious Studies at University of South Florida; author of The Ethical Challenge of Auschwitz and Hiroshima
• Rose Gatens, Director of the Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education at Florida Atlantic University
• Alex Meixner, Senior Advisor, Save Darfur Coalition
• Glen Stassen, Lewis B. Smedes Professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena; author of Just Peacemaking: The New Paradigm for the Ethics of Peace and War

A member of the faculty since 1981, Lee holds a B.A. and an M.A. from Delaware and his Ph.D. from the University of York in Toronto. He has written and co-written several books and articles, and is frequently consulted for his expertise in ethics, nuclear weapons and just war theory.

He is the editor of “Intervention, Terrorism and Torture: Contemporary Challenges to Just War Theory.” In 2007, he was awarded a visiting fellowship in the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs at St. Andrews University in Scotland.