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HWS Students Headed to Wall Street

A summer internship at J.P. Morgan is arguably the most difficult, competitive, and coveted on Wall Street. This year, HWS will proudly send two juniors, Sarah Cummings and Michael Barlow, to work at JP Morgan in Manhattan, gaining experience in their field of study.

The two competed against top students in the U.S. for these internship opportunities that hopefully will earn them a place in the world of finance after graduation. “To reach this level of accomplishment, their academic achievement, character, leadership and basic toughness had to all be in play,” says Bob Murphy, vice president of enrollment management.

“I’m honored to have been selected for a truly prestigious internship. It’s rewarding to know that I’m just as prepared and qualified as my Ivy League competition,” says Barlow. “This internship demands a 6-day work week, 80 hours a week and I plan to perform well.” A West Coast internship with Morgan Stanley last summer helped prepare him for this internship, as well as his experience on the Hobart basketball team.

“Being an athlete has taught me about time management and has given me a competitive edge,” he explains. “Working with a team that shares a defined vision and goal carries over to the business world.”

Cummings, who played squash for William Smith, agrees: “Whether you’re on a sports team or in an organization, someone needs to step up and take on that leadership spot.”

Sarah Cummings

Between her first and second years, Cummings was an intern with a Bloomberg Tradebook sales team. Following her sophomore year, she spent several weeks in China as part of a summer study abroad program with Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Darrin Magee. This past summer, she was stationed in Hong Kong, working with DFS, a leading luxury retailer.

“These experiences provided me with a solid understanding of finance and international business. Plus, my experiences at HWS have most definitely helped me prepare for my internship at J.P. Morgan. All of my professors at HWS have been very supportive and have contributed to my success.  Whether it was economics or Chinese, I have learned a great deal from my professors that has prepared me for this internship,” she says.

Both plan to pursue careers in finance after graduation: Cummings in international financial services and Barlow in finance.

“I’m excited for the fast-paced environment, meeting a diverse group of people, working and forming friendships with people who share a similar work ethic and interests,” says Barlow.

Barlow is an economics and political science double major with a minor in international relations. He is also a member of the basketball team and coordinated the Wounded Warrior Project. Cummings has an individual major titled “China in the Global Economy” with double minors in art history and Latin American studies. She is in the HWS Centennial Center Leadership Certificate program and the HWS Finance Society. She is currently studying abroad at Peking University in Beijing, China.

In the photo above, Cummings is in Beijing.