Annual Student Art and Architecture Show – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Annual Student Art and Architecture Show

Exploring a vast range of artistic styles and media, the 2010 Annual Student Art and Architecture Show is slated to set a new precedent for undergraduate artfulness at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. The show will have its opening reception on Friday, April 30, from 7 – 9 p.m. in all three art and architecture buildings: the Davis Gallery at Houghton House, the Goldstein Family Carriage House and the Katherine D. Elliott Studio Arts Building.

In addition to its presence in these three buildings, part of what makes this year’s exhibition so spectacular is its broad range of form, in both art and architecture. The show will contain an energetic array of bronze sculptures, video, sound, architectural models, traditional prints, mixed media paintings and digital images from numerous studio art and architecture classes.  There will also be Hobart and William Smith students performing music at the show.

The exhibited works represent student artists and architects in each academic class at the Colleges. Three senior artists — Carly Cummings, Yeasmine Khalique, and James Secor– are doing honors in studio art this year, and their work will be well represented in the show.  Secor and Cummings are painters, and Khalique is doing an interdisciplinary project with Assistant Professor of Art Christine Chin, titled “You are what you wear:  Linking Consumerism and Waste through Recycled Fashion.”

The show will also feature work from the Colleges’ Architectural Studies program, taught by Assistant Professor Kirin Makker. The architecture student work, on display in the Davis Gallery at Houghton House first and third floors, will feature architectural drawings from ARCH 110 sketchbooks; drawings and models of interactive book structures from ARCH 200 studios; sectional models of personal “spaces of repose” from the fall ’09 ARCH 201 studio; and compartment-lockers based on semester-long visual and spatial studies of Japanese joinery from the spring ’10 ARCH 201 design studio. 

Of special significance is that the final furniture projects of the Spring 201 upper level architecture studio will be judged at the opening.  These furniture projects are wooden compartment/lockers that range in size from 3′ to 6′ tall.  The top four designs will be installed permanently in the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center downtown, two will be donated to day-care centers or elementary school spaces, and the rest placed with other organizations around the city.

James Secor ’10, a senior art student, says the annual student art show is an opportunity to enjoy the responses of viewers from outside the usual crowd of artists. “It is important to realize that the work created in classes can inspire and change those who view it.” 

Makker encourages the coummunity to attend. “To HWS students, faculty, staff, and Geneva residents, the Art and Architecture facilities are typically perceived as remote from the main campus.  The Annual Student Show is the one big event every year where our very creative and hard-working students get to showcase their work to the broader campus and town community.  It’s free.  It’s fun. It’s visually and intellectually stimulating.  And it’s in Geneva!  You don’t want to miss it.”