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Inaugural Leadership Institute

In a collaborative, cross-campus effort, the first annual HWS Leadership Institute will be held this August. 

A new offering from the HWS Centennial Center for Leadership, the Leadership Institute is a focused and integrated training in foundational leadership theory and practice for invited HWS student leaders. Included in this program is the goal to better define excellence in leadership on campus with a focus on building inclusive, cross-cultural competencies.  The training outline was built with input from campus staff and faculty who work with student leaders who serve the campus through their various roles. 

“It’s a cohesive experience around leadership, in which students engage with other campus leaders,” says Susan Pliner, Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment; Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning; and Interim Director of the Centennial Center for Leadership.

During this institute, Ew Quimbaya-Winship, director of Peer Education in Human Relations; Brandi Ferrara, interim director of the Salisbury Center for Career Services; Kate McCaffrey, director of Residential Education; Ruth Shields, assistant director of the Center for Teaching and Learning; Katie Flowers, associate director of the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning; and Sophie Dennis, assistant field Hockey Coach, will coordinate leadership sessions focusing on topics such as conflict resolution, ethical decision-making, diversity, group dynamics and building effective teams, values and leadership, goal-setting and more.

“We believe we can extend beyond our current programming to assist with the development of students in understanding their leadership within the clubs and peer-professional positions they hold across campus,” Quimbaya-Winship says.

The Leadership Institute will run for three days, from Sunday, Aug. 22 through Tuesday, Aug. 24, and is currently welcoming registration from nominated students.

Founded in commemoration of the William Smith Centennial Celebration in November 2008, the Centennial Center for Leadership and its related programs are designed to guide HWS students and community members in understanding the concepts of leadership.  Through a variety of lectures, workshops and events, the Centennial Center for Leadership connects academic work with important world issues to enhance each participant’s ability to think independently and critically, foster a greater commitment to public and civic life, and be a leader in their chosen field.


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