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Music, Live from HWS

Since its inception in 2009, HWS Live has been promoting live music on and around campus. The club, which recruits on-campus and local bands and musicians, produces its own shows in the Barn, making live music accessible to all HWS students.  During the past year, HWS Live has hosted a Techno Graph-Art Party and a Hip-Hop Rock Fest and has featured musicians such as Revision, Run Alex Run, Annie in the Water, DJ Dolla, DJ Proof, MB4 and Cam, D.L.E., Vicious, Deep Sea Kuchen, Steadystate, Nate Ginnetty, Rhys Clark, Molly Krifka, and The Scope.

“I took it upon myself to start a live music scene from scratch a year and a half ago,” explains Andrew Tarnas-Raskin ’11, founder and president of HWS Live. Since then, HWS Live has been bringing musicians together, providing them with practice spaces, performance venues and equipment.

“I’ve always played in a band, so I’ve been able to utilize my resources and experience to provide materials to bands on campus,” says Tarnas-Raskin, who is a member of The Scope. “Most of these bands wouldn’t be able to perform without necessary equipment and the venue we provide for them.”

This semester, HWS Live has been collaborating with other clubs and organizations on campus to make music accessible to everyone.

“Everyone likes live music, so HWS Live has become a hub for DJs, solo artists, and bands. Our goal is to promote live music and bring it to campus. After all, watching a performance is more rewarding than just listening to an album,” says Tarnas-Raskin.

Andrew Tarnas-Raskin

HWS Live is still looking for musicians, publicists, graphic artists, and those with recording skills. For more information, email or visit HWS Live’s Facebook page.

Tarnas-Raskin is an environmental studies major with minors in geoscience and sociology. He plays club lacrosse and will study abroad in Australia next fall.  The Scope opened for State Radio in April at the Smith Opera House.