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Deutchman Quoted in Radio Singapore International

Professor of Political Science Iva Deutchman was interviewed on Radio Singapore International for a piece titled “What lies ahead for Democratic Presidential nominee, John Kerry?” that focused on issues highlighted at the Democratic National Convention held in Boston.

Deutchman said Edwards’ Southern charm is a plus to the Democratic campaign. “I don’t think for Edwards, a lack of political experience is a big issue. I think the reason that Edwards was chosen is because they perceive Kerry to lack in certain characteristics, which is to say, Edwards is very touchable, people have a good sense about him, he gives good speeches, you warm up to him. All of those kind of qualities that John Kerry is seen as kind of lacking, John Edwards is seen as having.”

Deutchman also commented on Ralph Nader's campaign. “My understanding is that if (Nader) is stealing votes from anybody, it’s from Democrats. In fact, there’s been some interesting information over the last week that several major Republican contributors have actually been giving money to Ralph Nader. So you ask yourself why on earth would a Republican be funneling money into Ralph Nader? And of course, the answer is because that Republican knows more than I do that the Nader candidacy is likely to harm Democrats, and not Republicans. And again, in tight states, like Florida as the quintessential example, or Washington State, or any of these states where Democrats and Republicans are kind of at loggerheads, 50-50, or 48-48. Nader coming in and getting 1% or 2%, or even look at Florida in 2000, what are we talking about? Less than 600 votes, giving that state to George W. Bush. I mean, Nader got far more votes than 600. So you see what I’m saying, you need very very little in a close election to make a major difference. Unless you’re in a state that is going to go big time for Kerry, then voting for Nader is the equivalent of voting for George W. Bush.”