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Donovan ’12 Jumpstarting Career in News

When WKTV NewsChannel 2, the NBC affiliate in Utica, N.Y., recently won the 2009 New York State Associated Press award for Best Website, it was partly due to the work of Andrew Donovan ’12. Donovan works in Utica as a digital media producer for WKTV on weekends, and carries a full course load at HWS during the semester. He produces some of the news content readers see on the website,, along with coordinating the station’s Facebook and Twitter pages. This summer, Donovan is interning with NBC in New York, N.Y.

Donovan has worked at WKTV nearly four years, since he was 16 years old. He says he’s enjoyed every minute he’s spent there and appreciates the chance they’ve given him. “I really am so honored that they would hire me at so young an age and offer me such opportunities. I was really only a kid with a passion.”

That passion is something he’s had since he was about 11 years old. It was at that time he began regularly watching the “Today Show” as he got ready for school in the morning. “Slowly, I fell in love with the concept of news, especially on NBC,” Donovan recalls.

He adds that the 24-hour news cycle of the War in Iraq in 2003 helped solidify his interest in news as a career. “When I saw Matt Lauer at CENTCOM with a six-hour edition of the ‘Today Show’ and David Bloom embedded with troops in Iraq on MSNBC multiple times a day, I could tell it was important. I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of as soon as I could.”

Job shadowing sessions in high school led Donovan to WKTV. He stayed in touch with people he’d met so, when the station needed some help with Friday night high school football coverage, they presented him with a job opportunity. Donovan eventually went on to writing news on the web and covering events for the television station.

“The Boilermaker Road in Utica is hands-down our biggest event of the year,” says Donovan, who has also covered Tiger Woods golfing at the Turning Stone Resort and a PGA Championship there.  He also had the opportunity to go to Lake George, N.Y. , when the “Today Show” did their broadcast from there. He interviewed Meredith Vieira and Ann Curry.

Donovan is also the face of a segment, “Freeze Frame.” He takes a camera out to community events and people who spot him have to get their picture taken. The photos then get posted on the website after the event.

“It’s funny to see how excited people get to see their photo online. It’s fun because I get to go to so many events and meet great people in the community,” he says.