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Biplane Takes Flight

For several years, “Taking Flight,” a first-year seminar about the science – and practice – of aeronautics, has given students the opportunity to take what they learn in the classroom and see if it can soar beyond four walls. Under the direction of Scotty Orr, technological specialist with the Mathematics and Computer Science department, the students create a radio-controlled airplane and host an exhibition of their work on campus.

This winter, the Taking Flight! Learning Community sponsored an exhibit of work from the first year seminar that took place in the fall of 2009. The main feature was the display and taxi-testing of the PJ-260, a 1/4 scale aerobatic biplane that the class built as a group. Recently, members of that class and a special guest pilot from Finger Lakes Air PirateS (FLAPS), the Geneva-based AMA RC club, flew the plane for the first time.

The video of the inaugural flight is on YouTube.


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