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Skrabut Quoted in Airtides Newsletter

Maj. Stanley Skrabut Civil Air Patrol public affairs officer and Colleges' webmaster, was quoted in the July 23 issue of Airtides, the newsletter of McGuire NCO Academy. The Academy hosted 23 students from 11 states as part of the Region Staff College, the formal in-residence course required for CAP members completion of Level IV professional development.

“This school provides them (CAP members) with much needed skills necessary to effectively carry out their command positions,” said Major Skrabut. “They also have an opportunity to network with others in the region, and to gain ideas to take back and improve their home units.

“The CAP Region Staff College is designed to provide selected senior members with the ability to better execute the duties and responsibilities associated with CAP command and staff positions,” said Major Skrabut. “RSC provides students with in-depth studies of management, leadership, and communications skills and shows how CAP's missions are accomplished at the region level. Seminar discussions, case studies and practical exercises are integral parts of the RSC program.”

Major Skrabut explained that the course is normally held on military installations or college campuses and was held on McGuire this year because of the location and “excellent team support from the base.”